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Our Facility Plans

Facility Need

El Paso has a very young population, and as such creates an enormous demand for athletic programs. However, with the current resources, athletic and recreational opportunities are limited. 

Few cluster of multiple baseball or softball fields exist. Of the fields that do exist, many are in smaller parks with limited space. 

According to the Master Plan for El Paso Parks and Recreation:

  • El Paso has 6 locations with groups of 3 or more diamond fields. The remainder of baseball and softball fields are distributed over 10 parks, with 7 of the 10 only having one field.
  • Much of the supply, especially in the Central and Mission Valley planning areas, is in single or two field formats. These provide good neighborhood access, but are inefficient for leagues with multiple teams.
  • The far Northwest and the far East have the fewest number of fields per capita.
  • Long term, better consolidation into 3 to 5 field complexes in recommended. In addition, a four to five field complex along with a three field complex, is recommended to serve El Paso’s central, near west side, upper central and northeast planning areas. This does not take into consideration the infrastructure needed to serve the surrounding population in Southern New Mexico and the adjacent Juarez, Mexico.


In its 18 years of programming, BYAA has served thousands of El Paso student-athletes. Over the last five years BYAA’s indoor facility, THE BASE, has firmly established itself as the repository of baseball and softball expertise in the El Paso community. Through BASE Play RBI, BYAA has successfully delivered baseball and softball programming to the isolated, economically distressed settlements of El Paso County, where the need for educational advancement through athletics is most pronounced. Through the Chihuahuas NeXt initiative, BYAA has united El Paso high school players and coaches with best practices in the sport, elevating the instructional offering for student-athletes and increasing the competitiveness of El Paso youth.

Border Youth Athletic Association is working to create a solution to the lack of fields by researching resources that will allow the organization to build a new baseball/softball complex. This will expand BYAA’s programmatic offerings to Northwest El Paso, creating a vibrant, active programming space. This multi-million dollar proposed facility will increase the number of children supported by BYAA, create a positive economic impact on surrounding areas through tournaments and events, and provide new opportunities for El Paso student-athletes through showcases and skills development programming. Most importantly, it will aid in the identification of new sources of support for youth in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

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