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BASE Play RBI and the Columbia Study

The Columbia Study findings

In 2016, BASE Play RBI participated in a program assessment with the Columbia School of Public Health through the International Families Aid program.

The assessment evaluated BASE Play’s target population, height and weight data, and surveyed participants regarding factors around acculturation and nutrition. Through the study, EPBYAA determined 54% of the children enrolled in the program lived in one of El Paso County’s Colonia communities. The study also found EPBYAA was effective at recruiting its target population of struggling students, with the majority of participants hovering at the pass/fail line.

Other findings indicated that BASE Play’s Colonia residents had an average BMI that was higher, by a statistically significant amount (10%), than non-Colonia residents. Lastly, the study used The Newest Vital Sign tool from Pfizer as a template to measure health literacy of participants. The assessment found that 90% of children enrolled in the Summer 2016 initiative- incoming 4th, 5th, and 6th graders- were unable to answer at least one of the four questions presented correctly, clearly demonstrating what little knowledge the children had around nutrition and emphasizing the importance of programs that encourage physical well-being.


 Photo Credit: Isabel Fierro Taylor

For more information as to how BASE Play RBI has educated the youth in the Colonias and surrounding communities, visit our Program Evaluation page.

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