Our Memberships

THE BASE is El Paso’s premier indoor baseball and softball training facility. Our 14,000 square foot facility opened in November of 2011. Our memberships are available to you to SAVE MONEY! Memberships can be done for teams with a minimum of 12 players or individuals and are NOT REQUIRED for the use of our awesome facility.

Individual Memberships

1 Month

With a one month individual membership you will receive 3 HOURS of cage time every week, you will be able to bring a friend for $5, you will receive 50% off for additional time, AND you will receive discounts on individual lessons!

3 Months

With a three month individual membership you will receive all the benefits of a one month membership for $5 less every month!

Team Memberships

12 Player Minimum

Option 1

The team will receive 2 hours of cage time every week!

Option 2

The team will receive 3 hours every week AND 30 minutes of cage time per player every week!

Option 3

The team will receive 4 hours each week AND 1 hour of cage time per player each week!

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