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Welcome to BASE Play RBI!

The BASE Play RBI program is committed to creating a baseball/softball experience that improves the student-athlete’s health, academic standing, and connection to their school and community. 

Success with BASE Play RBI requires similar commitment from coaches, students, and parents.


Trustworthiness: be worthy of trust in all you do;
Respect: treat all teammates, coaches, and program volunteers with respect ;
Self-Control: have fun and encourage other to have fun;
Fairness: be willing to play by the rules, to listen and to learn;
Sportsmanship: respect the game and demonstrate caring for others as they learn to play;
Loyalty: be true to your team, your school, and your coaches.


Display the aspects of the 6 Pillars of Character;
Find ways to incorporate the 6 Pillars of Character into practice;
Seize teachable moments to remind players of appropriate behavior and effective ways to handle situations;
Put more emphasis on effort and attitude than outcomes, winning versus program intent;
Use encouragement and motivation as the main means of communication.


Encourage attendance at every class;
Encourage consistent efforts to improve academically and athletically;
Support the school's and the coaches' academic and athletic policies;
Encourage excellence in all undertakings- academic, behavioral, and social;
Demonstrate respect with all coaches, staff, and other parents;
Practice proper sportsmanship at all games and tournaments.


First, thank you for participating in BASE Play RBI. We salute your desire to improve academically and athletically. We know there is untapped potential in your community and we are excited to grow that potential! Below you will find information specific to your school and community. Please feel free to utilize this page as a resource throughout the season.


To register your son or daughter into our BASE Play RBI program, please click the button below.


A listing of all the games occurring for BASE Play RBI can be seen on our calendar page. Click the button below to be directed to that page.


A big thank you for wanting to be a BASE Play RBI coach! Our players benefit from knowledge and succeed because of your influence. We want to make sure you have the tools needed to succeed as well. Below you will find information to help guide you through the season.


As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, we LOVE our volunteers. We have actually dedicated an entire page to our volunteers explaining positions are available, what is necessary to be a volunteer, and how to register. Click the button below to find out more!

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